Our Made to order organic Lavender Products

20% of all profit after expenses will be donated to a variety of Veteran organizations.

Our Personalized

Lobuck Lavender has been propagating, growing and harvesting organic Lavender varieties since the Covid outbreak in the fall of 2020. Since then we’ve planted over 800 plants in 6 varieties; Mustad, Super Blue, Sensational, Phenomenal, Hitcote Blue and our own special propagated variety of Lavendula Angustofolio.

We take pride in knowing that the soil is 100% organic and no chemicals and pesticides have ever been used on our plants or in our ground. Although extremely time consuming and labor intensive, we will always hand-weed and harvest naturally and by hand. We believe that as our organic Lavender products are applied, they will help Veterans and Patriots to improve all aspects of their mental and physical health. We take prided in knowing that we are doing our part to make this earth a better place.

Please contact us directly should you like to place a special order for something we aren’t offering. All of our products are especially made for YOU and can be altered or accommodated accordingly.

Our objective is to give you the highest quality organic Lavender products, which is why we don’t use pesticides and harvest our herbs by hand. The unique combination of high elevation, arid climate, and over 200 sunny days per year in Pennsylvania make the perfect environment for growing the best organic Lavender flowers.