Our Farm

20% of all profit after expenses will be donated to a variety of Veteran organizations.

We have a beautiful farm, perfect for your family to visit to witness the beauty of nature. Our farm has amazing views for miles around Kings Hwy Zionsville. It is a beautiful and peaceful place to visit, helping to relax the souls and bring wellness to all who visit. The Farm doesn’t have scheduled or set visiting days or hours but we can accommodate special requests and visits by contacting us here. The season is typically from April-November and most products can be picked up onsite provided prior coordination is made with one of our Veteran team members. Again, special requests for weddings, dinners, parties may be accommodated but keep in mind this is a working Orgainc Lavender Farm with relatively austere accommodations.

Winter 2022

our first productive harvest after 2 years

1st year plants from July 2022 growing fast