We Commit to Delivering

All-Natural Handmade organic Lavender Products

20% of all profit after expenses will be donated to a variety of Veteran organizations.

Discover the magic of Lavendar with LoBuck!

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing Quality organic Lavender Products, grown and produced by Veterans/Patriots to support Veteran and Patriot causes around the world.

Our Vision

To grow and produce true organic Lavender products and promote its vast positive effects on people. Our vision continues to focus on supporting and improving the Mental and Physical well-being of Veterans and Patriots world-wide. We believe that organic Lavender possesses far more healing qualities than current research and development reveals. Our future vision is to use organic Lavender and its byproducts to treat anxiety, depression, addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) through various inpatient and outpatient/retreat venues. We will commit 20% of all profits after expenses to support this future vision directly or through contractor directed services.

Our Mission

lobuck lavender Inc will provide the highest quality organic Lavender products which are Veteran and Patriot produced for many years to come to the open market. We will continue to support the Veteran and Patriot population through ongoing research and development (R&D) to improve physical and mental health. Our mission to support all Veterans with anxiety, depression, substance abuse and PTSD will continue through in depth R&D and by providing financial support through donations to a variety of Veteran focused charities/organizations.

Our Products

We are proud to offer natural wellness products (health, beauty, and for the home) enriched with organic Lavender essential oil, which allows you to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.

Our products’ objective is to return to fundamental skin care, bath products, and home items. We manufacture natural items for you using artisanal skills honed over generations from traditional processes. To develop our one-of-a-kind goods, we pick quality organic Lavender ingredients with care. Each item is handmade, hand-poured, and manufactured with care and dedication.

We never cease our efforts to improve the quality of our products for you and the environment. We strive to provide simple items calming the body, mind, and spirit. Our product development philosophy keeps things straightforward, pure, and healthy.