System Development Lifecycle SDLC Information Technology Michigan Tech

SDLC methodologies fit within a flexibility spectrum ranging from agile to iterative to sequential. According to the Waterfall method, the software development process goes through all the SDLC phases with no overlapping and consists of a single development cycle. According to the fact that it is a linear-sequential life cycle model, any phase in the […]

Working with Azure DevOps tools and services

Here is an example of a customized Features board with “In progress” columns added to provide natural states during the design, development, and deployment of features to production. Project teams can assign ad hoc work-item tags, enabling team members to query work items and filter boards and backlogs based on tags. Azure DevOps is everything […]

Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast DSC MRI

Contents Polymers PowerShell Tutorial Javatpoint Services Overview of DSC PowerShell DSC The Local Configuration Manager is responsible for enacting and parsing configurations which are sent to the node. DSC Configurations are the scripts of PowerShell, which define a special type of function. We use the keyword Configuration to define the configuration. It provides a collection […]